Backup Solutions

 Self Service Backup

Our Self Service Backup Solution is a low cost customer self-administered backup solution available to most Linux and Windows Dedicated Server and Cloud Server clients. FreeBSD & Slackware is not supported at this time. The backup system takes a full snapshot of the server’s hard drive, then incremental snapshots once day, optionally once per hour. Depending on the amount of backup storage you purchase, you can keep several historical restore points.

Restore Options

The restore process allows you to roll back the Dedicated or Cloud Server using a previous snapshot, or just restore certain files.

Most clients are able to handle the backup setup, management and restore tasks themselves using the Web based interface of the backup System. There is no additional fee for restoring data using the Web interface. However if you are in need of assistance, our engineers are here to assist you with advanced support. We offer reduced labor rates for advanced technical support for backup and restore tasks.

Self Service Backup Service can be selected as an add-on item on all Dedicated and Cloud Server Order pages.

If you have more questions about the Self Service Backup and Restore Service, please contact our knowledgible Sales Team.

 Managed Backup Service

For our Windows Server clients with Comprehensive Server Management Service, we offer the Best in Class Backup and Recovery solution as an add-on service. This state of the art near-line storage based system backs up the entire Server using snapshot methodology, and then an incremental snapshot is taken periodically throughout the day. Depending on level of backup service, the incremental snapshots can be once a day; once in an hour or as even often as once every 15 minutes. Optionally, we can provide offsite replication of your backup data. With this feature, a copy of the daily snapshot is transferred securely to a secure secondary storage system managed by us at an alternate datacenter.

Once the data is backed up, this backup system analyzes the data that was backed up for data integrity; not just file integrity, but for SQL data integrity, Exchange Mail integrity, Sharepoint Data integrity, etc.

Data Restoration & Disaster Recovery

Recovery options we offer are one of the best in the industry.

  • If you have a Traditional Dedicated Server with us and in case of a server system failure, we can restore the backup to a similar or dissimilar hardware using bare metal restore capability.
  • Also in case of a disaster, we can virtualize one of your snapshots and bring it up as a Virtual Server online, so you can get a working server back online quickly.
  • In cases of data loss, data corruption or you simply lost an important file; performed an unintended edit or deleted a needed email from your mailbox; MegaNetServe can restore just that lost file, lost email, or do an incremental step back to a specific restore point.
  • Another scenario…. You know lost one or more files, folder or mail, but you do not know what exactly you lost. Or you do not remember when you lost the file or when you made the change that caused the problem. Using our recovery tool our Engineers can allow you peruse through your file folders until you can determine what you lost, so that we can recover it for you.

Managed Backup Service is offered only on Windows Servers in conjunction with our Comprehensive Server Management Service.  During the online order process, Comprehensive Server Management with Managed Backup Service can be addedd to any Business or Enpterprise line servers with Windows Operating System. For more details please contact our expert Sales Team.

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