Service and Support

MegaNetServe™ is committed to providing our customers the most reliable Hosted Server Infrastructure at an outstanding low price. Our well designed, All Cisco Network is managed and maintained by our experienced Network Engineers. Our server technicians are well trained on the server hardware we use. We backup our service with reliable, prompt support services.

  • Our datacenter is staffed 24 x 7. We are here always to assist you with a Server or Network problem that you cannot resolve remotely.
  • We offer an advanced Remote Reboot System at no additional cost, that will allow you to Soft Reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del) or Hard Reset Dedicated Servers anytime.

Our Service Level Guarantee


MegaNetServe™ guarantees that the Datacenter network and Internet connectivity will be available 99.90% of the time. In any given month if an unplanned network outage occurs for more than 30 minutes MegaNetServe™ will refund 5% of your basic server hosting fees. If the network continues to be unavailable past 30 minutes, we will refund 5% of the monthly fee for every hour our network outage to a maximum of 50% of the basic monthly server hosting fees . This guarantee excludes planned network outages, scheduled maintenance outages and outages caused by the preventive network shutdown initiated by network engineers to protect network from malicious network attacks. This guarantee also excludes outages caused by Act of God or Act of War. The guarantee covers Internet Connectivity, the Data Center backbone network including routers, switches and cabling system, it does not cover outages caused by software, operating system or IP address configuration issues on the server. The downtime is calculated from the time customer reports the outage and MegaNetServe™ Engineer acknowledges the outage -to- the time when the server side port on the network switch can receive and transmit data again.

Server Hardware

MegaNetServe™ will maintain the Server Hardware supplied by us as a part of your hosting service, and will make any repairs or replacement as necessary free of charge to the customer. In most cases we can repair or replace the hardware within 2 hours of identifying the hardware problem. In the unlikely event the hardware is not repaired or replaced within 2 hours, we will refund you 5% of the monthly server hosting fees, and 5% for 2 hours of hardware downtime thereafter up to a maximum of 50% one month's basic server hosting fees. This guarantee covers the server hardware supplied by us and does not cover time required to rebuild RAID system, restoring the data from backup or reinstalling the operating system. Recovery from a hardware failure, especially a hard drive failure can be lengthy, unless you place a quick recovery backup process in place. For this reason we highly recommend that all customers have a realtime backup system in place. MegaNetServe offers multiple backup service options. With such a backup solution in place, in case of a hard drive failure we can quickly restore the system to Virtual Server and bring the server online in minutes while we work on repairing the hardware. Learn more about our backup solutions here.


Global Telephone Numbers

  • US TOLL FREE: 1 888 847 4275
  • US: +1 408 462 7475
  • MX: +52 55 852 62556